How secure is my information?

Behind MySchoolPhonebook there are parents like you, and when it comes to our children we want the information to be securely stored.

MySchoolPhonebook relies on several factors to enhance security:
  • A two-fold access system that utilizes the old fashion mail hand-delivered by your child

  • An opt-in structure designed to ensure only authorized family contact information

  • A secure server with encrypted data for secure communication over the Internet

  • The management of phonebooks in dedicated directories for each school, only accessible by authorized school families and staff

  • The use of The Robots Exclusion Protocol to prevent search engines from visiting and indexing any page on the site

  • The use of a virtual perimeter blocking access to users trying to visit the site from unapproved locations

  • The automatic deletion of the phonebook two years after it has been created

The Internet is in continuous evolution. MySchoolPhonebook's pledge is to continuously reasearch and implement new and more robust security features.

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